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Q. What is architectural animation ?

Architectural animation is a virtual moving computerized movie of the project before its real execution . A computer-generated project, that can be a township, bunglow, villa, hospital, stadium, or any building can be created along with landscaping/pheripheral details and sometimes moving humans and automobile.

Unlike an architectural rendering, which is a mono image from a mono point of view, an architectural animation is a series of hundreds or even thousands of still images. When these images are gather together and played back they produce a movie effect.It must be noted that this movie although gives a real movie feel, is an artificially created movie by various softwares on computer. In Architectural animation, textures, colors ,realistic materials based on clients specifications are applied to the 3d models. Once the materials are added, realistic lighting conditions are simulated and a photorealistic image of the project is rendered. This can all be done before the project is actually built, giving designers and stakeholders a realistic view of the completed project. 3D architectural animation is highly user-friendly for the viewers since it provides an accurate realistic visual of the construction. Its gives a clear idea about the building from all angles along with a visual on core construction activities. Concepts of computer graphics and 3D animation help in creating highly realistic 3D architectural animation of any construction, and it gives a completely authentic idea of the finished product or building to the client.

Architectural animation is an effective and powerful tool for real estate developers, builders, architects, government contractors, land developers and urban planners to showcase their design concepts to their clients during presentations.

3D architectural animation is created using blueprints, floor plans, photographs, layout, design concepts, and technical specifications.The end result of Architectural animation is available to you on iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry,Windows, Mac, PC, or touchscreen.

Q. What is Architectural Visualization?

3D Architectural visualization is visualizing the architectural structure and makes its 3 dimensional virtual presentation on computer before it is being constructed-renovated in real world.It is the process of creating imagery that accurately reflects the planned environment even before the start of construction. Computerized 3D architectural simulations help communicate your design ideas. Majorly used by builder, architect, engineers, individual client.

Architectural visualization services includes following services:

  1. 3D rendering
  2. 3D walkthrough
  3. 3D demo of city planning
  4. 3D demo of landscape place
  5. Restoration of ancient architecture

Architectural visualization is the service majorly for architects, builders, property developer, interior designer, landscape designer to see their projects all points before it is being constructed.

The technical aspects of service started with this main purpose. In due course this multi facilitated service with its constant innovation & up gradation in technology took architectural industry by storm. And today it became main source for architectural industry for its technical quest, sanctions, presentation purpose for their investors, clients, bankers, collogues & major source of branding activity of any mega structures on earth. If we emphasis on this that today, the whole mankind is majorly depended on this service for all today’s & upcoming construction. Which is main & basic requirement of the human race Home! And majorly used for the presentation purpose.

Q. What is 3D Rendering ?

3D Rendering – 3D Rendering is creative computer process of producing an image based on three-dimensional data with 3Dphotorealistic effects or non-photorealistic rendering.

3D rendering is a process that is similar to photography or cinematography, because you are lighting and staging scenes and producing images. Unlike regular photography, in 3D Rendering the scenes being photographed are non-existent, and everything that appeares needs to be created (or re-created)much earlier before it can be rendered. This is a tedious work, but allows for an almost infinite amount of creative control over what appears in the scene, and how it is depicted.

The three-dimensional data that is depicted could be a complete scene including geometric models of different three dimensional objects, buildings, landscapes, and animated characters – artists need to create this scene by Modeling and Animating before the Rendering can be done. The 3D rendering process depicts this three-dimensional scene as a picture, taken from a specified location and perspective. The rendering could add the simulation of realistic lighting, shadows, atmosphere, color, texture, and optical effects such as the refraction and reflection of light or motion-blur seen on moving objects.

Rendering sometimes takes a long time, even on very fast computers. This is because the software is essentially “photographing” each and every pixel of the image, and the calculation of the color of just one pixel can involve a great deal of calculation, tracing rays of light as they would bounce around the 3D scene. To render all the frames of an entire animated movie (such as Tangled, Monsters Inc., or Ice Age) can involve hundreds of computers working continuously for months or years.

Latest 3D rendering technologies and advanced computer graphics helps developers, architects and real estate developers to save money by cutting cost and shortening development stages.

Q. What is Photoshop rendering?

Photoshop Rendering is creative computer process of producing an image based on three-dimensional data with 3D photorealistic effects or non-photorealistic rendering.

Process of photoshop rendering is similar to that of the 3d rendering. However detailing is somewhat less in photoshop rendering than to 3d rendering.

Photoshop Rendering views guarantees visually enhanced, realistic and accurate display of your exteriors and interiors. Photorealistic renderings , combine creativity and talent to result in outstanding presentations and views.

Photoshop rendering takes less time to complete as compare to 3d rendering.But the picture quality of 3d rendering is far better than photoshop rendering. Thus 3d rendering has an advantage over Photoshop rendering, however the cost of latter is some what cheaper as compare to the former.

Civil engineers, real estate developers, interior designers, landscape designers, architects and anybody who is connected with 3d architectural rendering design and construction business can use photoshop rendering services to visualize the final product, and easily explain their ideas to their clients. Also the services is very useful for marketing purpose, you can advertise your design or property.

Photoshop rendering is an option when the budget of the client is low, and when the time period is less. However if these two limitations are omitted, 3d rendering is far better solution than photoshop rendering when quality and detailing is required.

Q. Photo realistic 3D Rendering?

Photo realistic 3D Rendering helps the clients to visualize their dream project in a better way. Using Photo realistic 3D Rendering , abstract blueprints are brought to life by creating 3D architectural rendering in a perfect fusion of flawless design, stunning clarity and lavish colors. Thus clients get a truly immersive experience of an architectural 3D rendering.

Photo realistic 3D Rendering helps Architects, Visualizers and Renderers to follow standards and specifications based on the client requirement and define project execution methodology to keep abreast with client requirement at all project execution steps. Visualizers and renderers create photo-realistic models by applying the appropriate real life like materials, textures, colours, lighting and shadows to the models; and producing appropriate environment around it with landscape,vegetation and humans.

Photo realistic 3D Rendering can be useful for:

  • Photo-realistic Exterior Views for any type of project with the real life environment such as vegetation, effects of different lighting conditions (sunlight and shadows), landscape, peripheral, human activities etc.
  • Photo-realistic Interior Views for any type of Building including Kitchen, Living Room, Bedroom, Bathroom, Storage Room, Corridors, Reception Area, Office Work Place, Lobby, Terrace garden,Garage etc.

Photo realistic 3D Rendering Services are beneficial for marketing and presentation to a great extent. It helps visualization of the building architecture much before it is actually constructed. Photorealistic 3d Rendering provides a visually striking effect to buildings, site, landscape etc.

Photo realistic 3D rendering will help you attain a better sense of how your dream project will look in its actual context!

Q. What is Photo-montage rendering?

3D Photomontage is an art of dexterous combining 3D renderings and photographic images into striking photo real visuals or we can say Photomontage is the process (and result) of making a composite image by slicing and merging a number of photographs.

The key to great photomontage lies in composing and selecting the finest pictures and knowing how to blur reality and 3D effects to produce quality results.

Photomontage 3D renderings blend attractive exterior scenes at the location with the proposed project at the site. Photomontage renderings can also give a preview of proposed renovated buildings even when there is an existing building at the site.

3D architectural photomontage renderings help clients by:

  • Providing understandable and realistic design visualization
  • Instilling confidence in design and construction
  • Convincing neighborhood community and licensing authorities
  • Exploring design improvement options
  • Deciding on texture, lighting, color and material options
  • To determine the background of a specific construction

Architects and designers find 3D architectural photomontage rendering very useful as it enables them to produce high- quality images that reflect on their professional service capabilities .On the other hand clients find 3D architectural photomontage rendering useful as it enables them to understand their dream project better. Also any changes or modifications can be made easily. Because once the construction works start it becomes very difficult to add changes.

Q. What is perspective rendering ?

Perspective rendering services incorporates powerful conceptual tools into the required design process. With Perspective rendering service, one show roads, landscaping, neighborhood, required ambience and also multiple design options can be explored and resolved before the actual building begins. Henceforth, Perspective rendering can easily customize, given construction plan based on specific client requirements, much before the actual construction take place in reality.

Presenting projects in visually appealing form gives an edge over other artistic mediums. Clients rely on the final product, so its good to present product with Perspective rendering.

Perspective rendering gives builder a better understanding of the cost of construction materials. Additionally, by using these tools, users are able to visualize both the exterior of a house as well as a variety of its interior aspects.

Store proprietors may use a professionally-produced 3D rendering to prearrange advertising displays prior to launching a new advertising campaign. Similarly, restaurants and hotel owners may use such 3D renderings to control elements such as silverware selection or even table placement in their restaurants.

Q. Why Bird’s eye view is important in Presentation?

Bird’s eye view reveals extensive and detailed views of the exterior parts of the architectural design including wall colors, textures, reflection, landscape and peripheral details of the structure, impact of outer artificial and natural light.

Bird’s eye view add value to your marketing, advertising, and creative needs. It is also an effective medium to convince someone or persuade a committee.

Especially for a township or big projects birds eye view prove to be great boon since it helps the clients understand the exterior layout and plan of the project.

This service is miracle for real estate developers, builders, property developer, Advertising houses, industrialist, and visionary people. With the use of this service they are able to explain their dream project to their clients, investor, and bankers before its execution.

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